For faculty and staff

The Division of Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success encourages VCU faculty and staff to promote student success. Our early notification programs, which utilize the Navigate network, help faculty and advisors proactively manage student academic progress. 

We've provided additional resources and recommendations below. 

Training and guides

Banner 9 grade entry

Watch a video tutorial and follow step-by-step instructions for entering grades in Banner 9.

Degree Works auditing tool

Access tutorial and instructions for using Degree Works to help students track degree progess.

Protecting student privacy

If you have access to student data, you are responsible for handling student records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and university policy. For more information, visit:

Resources for student success

Syllabi recommendations

To promote student success, consider including in your syllabi:

  • More assignments, earlier in the semester
  • Classroom attendance/logging in to Canvas (success indicators that are behavioral vs. academic performance)
  • Early grades
  • The following Student Success statement: Success in this course includes attending class regularly, reading your syllabus, monitoring assignments and grades in Canvas, meeting with me (your professor) during office hours, going to the Campus Learning Center and the Writing Center, and using resources in the library to support your learning.

Words of wisdom

"Student success does not arise by chance. It requires that institutions commit themselves to intentional, structured, and systematic forms of action that involve faculty, … staff, and administrators alike."
-Vincent Tinto, Completing College