Navigate for staff

Navigate is an enterprise-level technology that links students, and the campus partners who serve them, in a coordinated care network.

As a student management system, Navigate empowers VCU staff and faculty to proactively advance student success. One way this is accomplished is through our early alert notification program.

A lengthy roster of campus partners are actively using Navigate for boosting student success and includes all undergraduate academic advising, the Student Financial Management Center, the Money Spot, all tutoring and supplemental instruction in the Campus Learning Center, and the Writing Center.

Faculty, staff, and other campus partners may use Navigate to:

  • Create a connected and coordinated network of student support. Our consolidation of early alerts, midterm grade reporting, cross-university case referrals, and student interaction records like advising notes allow more holistic advocacy and planning for student achievement. Additionally, detailed searches and population performance reports supply what’s crucial to create targeted, impactful reach-out campaigns to specific populations of students throughout the calendar year.
  • Inform decision making in support of student success. Data analytics dashboards make it easy to track key academic performance and progress indicators, to identify intervention opportunities, and to then assess the impact of those interventions. The predictive analytic model is based on a decade of VCU student performance data, which also provides the ability to view historical trends.

Accessing Navigate

Access to Navigate depends on the unique needs of your role to access student data:

  • Academic Advisors. Academic advisors, or those serving in such a capacity, retrieve access to Navigate once they receive “Professional Advisor” access to Banner/eServices. Once a supervisor submits this request to Technology Services, the turnaround time is approximately 1-2 business days.
  • Academic Advising Directors. Advising directors, or those serving in such a capacity, are encouraged to request access for their supervisees who require Navigate access. Advising directors are responsible for ensuring their supervisees read, understand, and agree to institutional policies on FERPA, Computer & Network Use Policy, and Broadcasting Mass Mail, and complete an asynchronous training on Talent called “Documenting Advising Interactions in Navigate.” Advising directors formally request that their supervisees be given “Professional Advisor” access by submitting a ticket to Technology Services. Please click here to submit a ticket.
  • Other staff. Campus partners are welcomed to join our coordinated care network. Depending on the types of information that a campus partner needs to see in Navigate, their usage permissions may be quite robust or may be more limited to just scheduling appointments. These permissions are determined on a unit-by-unit, sometimes case-by-case, basis by SEMSS.

For questions regarding any aspect of Navigate, including using the platform or setting up a training for your team, please send an email to