First and Second Year Experiences and Transitions

The Office of First and Second Year Experiences and Transitions plays an integral role in the successful transition and integration of first and second-year students at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

FYE and SYE strives to ensure every VCU student has an individualized, yet common, student development pathway towards their self-subscribed academic and career development goals by engaging students in a myriad of activities that promote academic success, social engagement, cultural competence, civic engagement, and professional development.  

Our goals


In their first year, new students at VCU will engage in:

  • Academic exploration
  • Personal growth
  • Goal setting and envisioning a career development pathway
  • Cultural competence and agility


During their “year of purpose” (second year), students will engage in activities that foster:

  • Academic integration
  • Sense of self
  • Deeping social engagement and developing social/cultural capital
  • Strategic career plan 

Key Initiatives

Our key initiatives are designed to integrate students into the rich, diverse, and vibrant academic and social culture of VCU. 

Strategic Partners

We work collaboratively with our VCU strategic partners to offer exciting learning and engagement opportunities around the themes: explore, engage, and transition.

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Lauren N. Jackson, M.Ed., Ed.S.